Welcome to Bubble Bath and Bodyworks, think Lush – a similar concept, but with its own twist, its own sourced products, its own identity, and its own price bracket, but without sacrificing quality, ethics and ingredients.

We offer cruelty-free vegan beauty products which are good for the planet and your wellbeing!

This wonderful shop is located opposite Primark on Commercial Street in what used to be the original Coffee 1 Newport, next door but one to Neros. (Directions!)

The shop has already been a huge hit with the people of Newport, with customers commenting on how it’s a combination of Lush and Bodyshop mixed into one, but, slightly more affordable!

When entering the store it’s a visual feast for the eyes as on offer is a vibrant range of soaps, bath bombs, shampoo and conditioner bars, make-up, fragrances, birthday gifts, bodywash, ethically sourced, natural ingredients, good for the planet, and much, much more...

An eco-friendly store that offers cruelty-free, vegan products that are also fun and friendly. Many of the ranges are available with little or no packaging, with the aim to reduce the use of plastic packaging. Moving forward, there will be discounts for people who use the refill service – watch this space.

Bubble Bath and Bodyworks is one of the first High Street stores to stock the Copy-Cat range of perfume and aftershave products, which deliver well-known perfumery products at far more affordable prices – smelling is believing!

So, if you haven’t popped in to have a ‘nose’ at Newport’s Beauty Uprising, make sure that you do. There is no need to journey to Cardiff when it’s right on your doorstep.

Soap, Bath Bombs, Lip Balms, Bubble Bars, Body Washes, ‘Inspired By’ Fragrance for Men & Women, Candles & Diffusers, Massage Bars, Gift Sets and so many more super cute things!